Sunday, May 17, 2009

Hats off to Dr. Dixon!

Today Seth received his PhD after years of hard work and we were lucky enough to be surrounded by our family. I love this photo of Nate.

Craig & Trisha's family is here with us and we are excited to spend time with them this week.

The cousins have had a great time playing together. They made a huge mess and loved it.

The elusive Ben Dixon. Apparently he wants to be a spy and is working on his computer skills.

The hooding. Seth's adviser, Deryck Holdsworth, sat with him and walked across the stage with him as well. I liked the symbolism of him staying with Seth until the end.

When crossing the stage, Seth was handed the 'real' certificate of graduation.

I love this photo too. Deryck has been fantastic. We are so grateful for his intelligence and wisdom. Congratulations, Seth!

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Life is a beach

We met my sister, Chrissy & her husband, Tom, at the beach house on Topsail Beach. My parents drove down with us and we had adventures like Nate throwing up in his car seat.

But we're here and loving every minute of it. Nate has been asking for the beach since we left here last year-I'm glad we can finally give him what he wants.

Seth is the best beach dad because he loves doing all the same things the kids do. From this small beginning came a huge sand castle.

My happy boy

The dunes

I'm not quite as fun at the beach, but I do enjoy burying the children. They thought it was fun too.
The intercoastal waterway runs behind our beach house and we have a dock. We tempted the crabs with pepperoni and were able to catch a few. Kylie was terrified of them to begin with but eventually stopped running away:)