Saturday, March 7, 2009

Great Expectations

I've realized our children do not have great expectations. A number of small incidents have accumulated over the course of the week that have led me to this conclusion. Today, for example, we took a ride and admired the agricultural land outside of State College. We saw calves and they were cute, despite the smell. Then "it" happened.

Kylie saw the ugliest, more dilapidated trailer that man put on earth, about fifty years ago, and gasped. "Oh Mommy! Look! It's a trailer!" She loves trailers. I don't mean the spacious, nice ones they make now. I mean the ones you find in the woods. The uglier, the better. She does not get this from me, nor does she get it from Seth.

We were almost home when I said, "I hope you get a job, Seth". Then Kylie interjected, "You should be a cable guy!"

I honestly have nothing against cable guys...unless they happen to have PhD's. So now I'm sitting back imagining Kylie's life in fifteen years. I see an ugly but homely trailer. I see her husband sitting on the couch in his cable-guy uniform with his arm around her, watching all the free cable his job entitles him to.


  1. That's funny. Perhaps any extreme is bad because my fear is that Livy will interview every guy she dates to make sure he has a Swiss Bank account and a large enough income to support her weekly spa trips and shopping sprees. Oy.

  2. Oh, Kylie! I'm sure that right about now you're really hoping to get her away from our low-income apartments and out of rural PA, away from the temptation of all of those cable-men with their dilapidated trailers.

  3. Too funny! I'm glad I found your blog. I'll send you an invite to mine.