Saturday, September 25, 2010

Whazz up?

Okay, for some reason I was weird about this book. Despite the fact that I have loved every book Stephenie Meyer wrote, I didn't think I would like this one. I loved this novella and the perspective that it provided into Eclipse. The funniest thing is for each copy of this book she sells, she's giving a dollar to the Red Cross. He-he. That kills me.

Our 1997 Nissan Altima has been stranding us off and on for awhile now. We loved this car, her name was Sally. Like Lightening McQueen's girlfriend. You know, the Porsche? Well, they were both bluish and that was all that mattered when Nate fell in love with that movie. RIP, Sally.

This is our new Honda Civic. It doesn't have a name yet, but when that changes I'll let you all know.
The project that never ends. Sorry about the crooked shot, but you get the point. WE FINISHED THE FRONT. Sort of. We still have to do the door/frame and put up the black shutters. But still. It's progress people. Hope you have a great week!

Sunday, September 19, 2010


September is that magical month where children in Little Rhodey go back to school. This year, Katie started Kindergarten and Kylie entered third grade. Both girls like their teachers and are doing well. Kylie brought home a note on Friday asking that we get her eyes checked. She's thrilled. She wants glasses. Who knew?

Katie was so excited on the first day that by the time I'd gotten up she was dressed (with shoes) eating her breakfast.

We've also started painting our house. Whose horrible idea was that, you ask? Erm, it might have been mine. But anywho, we've got great little helpers.

We started on the back of the house and everyone was part of the scraping for the first day.

Don't you love the goggles?

Now we're working on the front of the house. We've had to cut down most of our bushes and have stepped on the rest. We'll figure that out later, but the color on top Spanish Moss is our new and improved look. I'm also taking two classes at RIC, so I've been feeling super busy.

On another note, Nate has started dressing himself for Sundays. I didn't used to let him because he wanted to wear holey jeans or sweatpants, but I think he's got the idea now. In his words, I look like a little Daddy.