Tuesday, November 2, 2010


I hope you all had a happy Halloween. For us, it started on October 1st with decorating and delivering cookies to our friends on holiday plates. It's been a fun month and it went quickly. The kids were invited to a birthday party where they were asked to dress up, so they broke out their costumes early. Here we have an angry alligator (that gator is easily put out these days), a fairy and our favorite witch. Colored hairspray was important this year.

The eldest informed me that when she turns eighteen, she would dye her hair pink. Rebellion started in the womb with that girl. When I told her that she should color it for Halloween, she gave me a shocked look and asked if I would really let her do that. When I said that I wouldn't have mentioned it otherwise, it was a joyful moment and I haven't heard a word about when she turns eighteen since then.

This costume was actually mine when I was little and my 'bama' had made it for me. It was fun to see one of my kids in it as I can remember trick or treating in my great grandparents neighborhood and wearing it. Afterward, I'd go back to their house, dump out my candy and organize it into piles of 3 musketeers, reeses, etc. It makes me think that somewhere, my great grandparents were smiling watching my son wear it.

I have the cutest Han Solo, don't I? Originally, I wanted us to be Lily and Herman Munster, but there's always next year. Nate is young enough that he wanted to be a part of our cool group, so he dressed as Luke.

On Halloween, Nate was a clone. By the way, it was nippy noodles out there. We should have dressed for the ice planet of Hoth (a.k.a Norway). Our neighbors invited us over for a party before trick or treating and then out we all went. We zipped around the neighborhood for an hour, then we came home. Seth built a fire, I made tea and the kids dumped out their candy and organized it into little piles. I watched them and smiled, remembering my own little piles.

How was your Halloween?

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  1. Halloween brings back so many fun memories from childhood. Your kids look adorable, and I think it's great that you and Seth dressed up too. Way to be cool parents!