Saturday, January 24, 2009

Has anyone seen Nate?

The kids and I are on our own today as Seth is doing some Klondike-thingey where they go freeze outside all day. So I decided I would make pancakes because the kids love them. As the pancakes got close I yelled for everyone to come eat and everyone did...except Nate. I could hear him yell, but I was busy flipping, cutting and covering three plates of pancakes in syrup. I called for him again. Couldn't he just get himself to the table? We prayed. I got everyone drinks. Where is Nate? I finally got back to his room and realized he needed rescuing but did I rescue him? Not at first, I needed a picture. I've got my blog to think about, after all.


  1. What a crazy little monkey-man that boy is!! We was climbing all over my head while we on a video call with Gramee and I remember thinking that he'd climb anything anytime. Not to mention the fact that we can get up onto the stage at church already (Yes, the standard LDS-chapel stage) if he was enough time to arrange his props.

  2. I love reading your blog - it's fun to see you as parents! I would've taken the picture first, too, and for the same reasons! Sometimes I think about how to word something on my blog while I'm taking a shower, etc!

  3. I really love that you had to first get the camera. I can totally see myself doing that. We, as your readers, appreciate you thinking of us.