Wednesday, January 21, 2009

No new windows for me, thanks!

SPOILER!!! I'm going to complain through this whole post! If you don't want to read it, kindly scroll down to Fuzzy Feet!

When I got a note on my door a few weeks ago stating they would be replacing the windows in our apartment my first thought went something like this, "What idiot would replace windows in January?" Do we live in Southern California? No. Is it above freezing? No. As I write this it is 19 degrees.

I called & told them our windows were fine, I hadn't asked for new windows. They said they'd get back to me. I got a note on my door last week saying they'd put it off until February. Whatever.

Today when they came around our side of building 6, I got a bad feeling. I began imagining crazy scenarios like blockading one door with the piano and the other door with the armoire...after all I have three sick kids today and it's naptime-the sacred time of day that keeps mothers sane.

So I called the office and when I asked them why they were doing this in January, do you know what they said? The company that replaces the windows said it was fine to do it in January, each window would only need to be out for 30 or 40 minutes. Now those guys are geniuses; if I ran a window replacement company in the Arctic during a recession that is exactly what I would say. Finally the pack of retards that run this complex agreed I didn't have to get new windows but hung up acting put out and annoyed by my bad attitude. Did I miss something?


  1. Now THAT is a funny story!!! Hilarious!! And don't they know that the gods are angry if one disturbs the sacred hours of naps???? lol... good to hear you didn't have to have your windows out though!!!

  2. Love it. That's awesome that you stood up to them. I think it's funny that they said, "Each window will have to be out for ONLY 30-40 minutes." Oh, is that all? You should ask them if they are going to pay for your heating bill this month too. Way to hold 'em off!

  3. I'm glad that management felt so put out by your saving them money on a new window. I especially love how "getting back to you" is the same thing as arriving with the window to be replaced. I still would like to know how this whole window replacement thing is working out, although not much of what goes around here makes any sense to me. I'm proud of you for holding your ground, and keeping at least some cold air out of the apartment.